Save Israel from destruction

Raelian Jews Organization would like to draw your attention to a situation concerning the survival of the Jewish people in Israel.

It is because of this state of emergency that we invite you to read the information contained in the file Save Israel from Destruction, recapitulating the original reason for the creation of the State of Israel, the protection which is has enjoyed and the reasons why this protection has now been cancelled.

Indeed on the 6th august 2015, through the mouth of His Son the Mashiah Rael, YAHWH announced that henceforth He has withdrawn the protection that He had granted to Israel, because of their betrayal of the exemplary values of Judaism, especially by not respecting what is in His eyes is the most important commandment: “Thou shall not kill”. Instead of applying this commandment as dictated, Israel has been accumulating sufficient nuclear weapons so as to be able to kill millions and trigger a nuclear war capable of destroying all of creation.

Previously on the 12th April 2009, on the 4th day of Passover 5769, Rael, the founder and spiritual leader of the International Raelian Movement had received the ultimate message for the Jewish People. On that day of Passover 5769, special day of the Birchat HaChama, commemorating the creation of life on Earth, another few years were given during which to accelerate the process of establishing a true peace through a spiritual and religious Zionism, so as to welcome both Jews and Palestinians to a multiracial and multicultural state, with the end-goal of building the Third Temple. Instead of that, there has been nothing but violence, hatred and suffering directed at the Palestinian People, and the Message of the Mashiah Rael, the Last Prophet, and our request for the Embassy have been treated with contempt.

Today, we are offering the Jewish People a last chance to seize the opportunity to honour the will of Our Creators the Elohim, through the Mashiah, as announced in the Writings, by taking the path of peace, since the end of the protection will lead to the destruction of Israel.

Leon Mellul
Responsible for Raelian Jews Organization

New message from the Elohim to the Jewish people, August 6th 70aH (2015) / Av 21, 5775

I Yahweh, through the mouth of my son and Prophet Rael, am addressing this message to the Jewish People.

You have betrayed all the exemplary values of Judaism by stealing the land and houses which don’t belong to you, and especially by not respecting my most important commandment: “Thou shall not kill” and accumulating nuclear weapons capable of killing millions of people in one go and sparking off a world war capable of destroying all of our creation.

Consequently, the protection that had been granted to Israel is from today totally withdrawn and I ask to all the real Jews to leave the Land of Palestine as quickly as possible.

We had provided this protection in the hope that the reason and respect inherent in Judaism, along with the construction of the Embassy, the third Temple of the old writings where we would have returned, would push this state full of promise to allow the Palestinian people to return to their houses and their land in a multi-racial and multi-cultural state as an example to all of Humanity and become a spiritual beacon for the three great monotheistic religions.

Instead, the stiff necked people who had only just escaped the nazi genocide and concentration camps, stiffened yet more, they treated our last Prophet and his request for the Embassy with contempt, they created concentration camps for the Palestinians whose homes and Lands they stole, they bombed the concentration camp which is Gaza and are even projecting a final solution with the goal of Palestinian genocide.

Therefore our protection is now ended and the real Jews are again condemned to a new diaspora, to live among the other Nations of Earth while refusing to carry arms for any nation and to benefit every nation with their genius and creativity.

The only true Jews are of course anti-zionist and we congratulate the religious Jews who refused zionism and who have already left Israel.

Raelians are now the true Jews, the only ones who wish to physically construct the Embassy to welcome our return, and not on stolen land. We ask all Jews to leave Israel as soon as possible, to convert to Raelianism, and to support the Palestinians, who are in fact mostly the descendants of real Jews who converted to Islam a very long time ago. To see false Jews coming from Europe massacring the descendants of Jews who lived in Israel from the Biblical times, is a heart rendering crime.

Spread around the world to bring the magnificent values of Raelian-Judaism, a Judaism of peace and tolerance, an anti-racist Judaism, a globalist Judaism aiming to unite all the nations within a world government, an anti-militarist Judaism pushing for the immediate and unilateral elimination of weapons of mass destruction, a pro-science Judaism promoting genetics and space exploration and finally a Judaism working especially for the third Temple, our Embassy where we will officially return to reinforce an enduring peace between all people and where all the Great Prophets will return to testify with us to destroy all the myths that the divisive religions have created.

Jew, leave Israel as soon as possible “without turning back” if you don’t wish to be “turned into a pillar of salt” as had happened at Sodom and Gomorrah, and support the predicted Messiah: Rael.

Peace on Earth and to all of good will!

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