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Above all other steps to be taken, the most important is the creation of a single, great state of Israel/Palestine. Jews and Palestinians are both primarily descendants of Jews who actually didn’t leave their homes after Titus destroyed Jerusalem, as it is commonly believed. A new, united state composed of both groups will become the center of the Middle East and, eventually, of the entire world, as it once was. Then we Raelians can build the Embassy, the “Third Temple,” to officially welcome the Elohim, our Creators.

Attainment of that goal is the only reason the state of Israel was created in 1948. Therefore, we hope the Israelis will return to reason and understand that their country exists only through the willingness of the Elohim. If Israel persists in its narrow-minded self-pity and xenophobic policies, then the “Third Temple” will be built somewhere else and Israel will be abandoned again, just as it has been abandoned several times before.

The time has come for Jews to be vectors of Universal Love! Otherwise, why would we have been chosen? To subjugate and humiliate others? No. The Elohim have chosen us to care for all nations and pave the way to a better world. If we as Jews are too weak and self-obsessed to carry out such a mission, then it is our right to be just a normal people. But if that is what we want, then we should give away the land granted to us as a token of our status. Then a new people would rise to carry out the wishes of the Elohim.